Please Note prior to booking:

  • All dogs must be assessed before admission to property*
  • Dogs must be desexed and fully vaccinated including kennel cough
  • Albion Bark Lodge must be provided with a current C5 vaccination certificate ( from your vet). This is to keep everyone safe and well.
  • Must be a social animal. Any aggressive animals will be refused access
  • Puppies welcome after their 12 week vaccination and must be desexed before reaching 12 months

    The list of breeds that our insurance will not cover us for is as follows; and applies to any cross / mix of these breeds.

    • Kelpies – this one is recent. We can only have 1 Kelpie stay at a time and it must be in a yard on their own.
    • Cane Corso
    • Pitt Bull
    • Bull Terriers (this is NOT a Staffy)
    • Perro de Pressa Canarios
    • Dogo Arentinos
    • Tosas
    • Fila Brasileiros

Before your dog can attend our property as a regular guest (Day Care Session or Holiday Stay) they must be assessed on the property. This is done via a full day, day care session ($55).  Once your furson has passed the assessment and confirmed as a social and friendly pooch, they’re able to attend daycare sessions as you need, weekly or fortnightly and Holiday Stays where availability permits.

Want to get your furson assessed?  Send us an email today and we’ll take it from there.

PLEASE NOTE – Allow three business days for a reply. Any bookings submitted without vaccination certificates will NOT be considered.

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